Hw for 2/11


I think Time is a great example of a website because its information is very simplistically situated on the page. At the top of the page is a bar dividing its news into categories like U.S., Tech, Style, Sports, etc. Furthermore, as one scrolls down the page, large titles of articles that have to deal with up to date occurrences are accentuated with bold font. With each title there is a picture which grabs the viewer’s attention. There is also a constant color theme that helps to keep the reader focused on the content.



I didn’t access this website through the links provided but it’s definitely notable. BAM stands for Brooklyn Academy of Music. It’s a venue for dance, theater, opera, visual art and film. What I like about this website is that its contents are almost like post-it notes. On each note there is a picture and text at the bottom describing the event.  Furthermore when you scroll over each note, the note shifts to explain further what you will be reading once you click it. On the left side of the page there are categories for each of the artistic mediums its hosts which give the reader an easy way to access different performances.


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