HW for 2/25

Contemporary infographics differ from historical ones because they have the ability, due to advances in computer technology, to neatly organize information. Modern infographics also maximizes space in a way that free hand infographic’s drawing cannot. For example, If one is trying to organize a web of topics, using a computer program to trial spacial layouts is a lot easier than drawing and erasing on a piece of paper. In this recent election, the New York Times put out an infographic showing the results of new senate members for each state (http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/results/senate). Each state was assigned a color (red=republican, Blue=democrat, green=independent, greyish-white=no election) illustrating the political parties affiliated with each of the newly elected senators. If you click on a state, it breaks down the vote make-up further, depicting how each county voted. This is something that antiquated infographics could not do. Modern infographics have the ability to display multiple layers of information, widening the breath of understanding that one can recieve from the infographic. Essentially, with the birth of the computer, inviting advancments to spacial oragnization, infographics can now be made clearer and show more complex forms of information.


One thought on “HW for 2/25

  1. katherinehauser

    This is a super example of a contemporary graphic for the reasons you state (it wouldn’t copy and past unfortunately); ideally you would address the advocacy reading in your response: 2.5.


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