HW for 2/27

http://www.bridgemultimedia.com/eas/nhk.php [Scroll down and look at part D]
I think this graphic works well, communicating clearly the technologies for the blind and visually impaired. The graphic simplifies the complex process of how a broadcasting station passes on information to a household. Blurbs of information and various different arrows (one 2 representing frequency waves and 2 others to help guide the eye) create a flow of information that enables an easy read. While it is easy to read, however, there are some definate problems with the graphic. Firstly, certain shapes lack significance. For example, below each of the satellites there is a pink rectangle and a blue trapezoid. Each contain text that exaplain how each transmitter organizes data but they are not tangible like the rest of the objects in the graphic (ie. the TV and the braille display). Furthermore, the text is course and reads like the vitamin-count on the back of a milk carton; it lacks a visual stimulation that could make this graphic more comprehensive.
http://matthewbonnan.wordpress.com/research/about-sauropod-dinosaurs/ (the graphic titled “What is a Dinosaur?”) 
Tufte would not like this cladogram, firstly, because it is unclear where time actually starts. How can one see the evolution of the dinosaur if it is unclear where the dinosaur fits in creature-history? In addition, there are two lines that seem to be attempting to illustrate both the dinosaur’s progression in a range of species and also, different variations of dinosaurs in history. To help display this, the graphic designer used colors to differentiate between the two lines. This, Tufte would like because he thought color coding made for a more clear cladogram.

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