HW for 2/20

1. The author Chute from the last set of readings talks about “double vision,” explaining how both words and images play a role in telling their own stories within the comic strip. Similarly, Schwartz states that “Manga are said to require ‘a complex visual reading on the party of the reader’ ” where readers must navigate “image plus language”. Furthermore, “Manga readers are likely to attend to graphical information at the same hierarchical level  as the printed text”. 

2.  Ogi’s writing style is extremely fluid and easy to read. I liked her style because she really took the time to explain all the things that an American reader would be unaware of (i.e. like defining japanese words and the overall mana genre of shoujo and yaoi.) 

3. Ogi argues that Shoujo manga has provided women, who come from male dominated societies, with an understanding of themselves by creating feminine and sometimes passive homosexual characters.






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