Hw for 4/8

In a nutshell, why might people be afraid of VR?  Does VR have an indexical relationship to what it represents?

A: Basically, people are afraid of virtual reality because it makes people feel cheated. People are mad at the fact that what they are watching is untruth and that it has no material place in the real world. This idea of immateriality, the fact that VR doesn’t give us anything to ‘hold’,  thus crafts an internal reality through computer stimulation/animation. This, obviously, has stark differences from our external reality. 

B: Virtual reality is not indexical in nature because within a movie that has aspects of VR, nothing is physically representative of our external existence. Rather it relies on a simulacra reality (a reality that is not physically existing by made by software to appear like it is). Sometimes people find this unpleasant and deceiving.


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