Hw for 4/10

Hushlak believes that mistakes lead to new avenues of discovery. Herbst, however, believes that by causing mistakes intentionally one can redefine the culture around computer generated imagery. Herbst thinks that through the abstraction, or subversion, of computer code, one disrupts the masculinity of CGI, which “is linear and hierarchical in structure, enforcing singularity over multiplicity, thus mirroring patriarchy” (Herbst). I think the Hushlak argument is more convincing because it seems more practical for an artist to understand. Herbst’s argument is very political and, while probably true, is not very relevant to an artist’s understanding of how he or she can use CGI creatively. 


One thought on “Hw for 4/10

  1. katherinehauser

    Thoughtful observations in which you demonstrate that you “get” the distinction between intentional and unintentional errors, and also Herbst’s feminist approach: 3.


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