hw for 4/12

I think image Metrics is a great thing. Why not have the capabilities to create almost-real looking people through the utilization of computer graphics? That being said, I do think using real life actors to play younger or even different looking people then themselves is a little weird. While so much of film is fabricated and spectacle oriented, I think there is something to say about the natural qualities of an actor and what he or she can bring to the film being made. Using the image metrics in this way creates a disconnect between the actor and character. No old man or woman should be playing a 15 year old version of themselves; I think the animated representation would have to be manipulated to a point that would render that actor’s talent meaningless. For video games, however, Image Metrics offers a great opportunity to fabricate real life on a level never before seen. To add humanistic facial expressions and increase how relatable these characters are can only benefit the gaming industry. 


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