Hw For 4/15

Tufte talks a lot about how PowerPoint is presenter oriented and works to sometimes distance its audience from the material. He explains further that PowerPoint presentations can “replace serious analysis with chart junk, over-produced layouts, cheerleader logotypes and branding, and corny clip art” (Tufte 4). Finally, Tufte argues that bullet lists are too difficult to read, sometimes resembling complex computer code in the way it is presented. Essentially, Tufte states that PowerPoint can really make any presentation easy to fail.


According to Bumiller, PowerPoint can create the illusion of knowledge and expertise in a certain subject. The program “stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making” (Bumiller). Bumiller actually doesn’t have anything positive to say about the program. Despite this, I do think there some positive characteristics of power point. I think PPT is used extremely well when the points being put up on screen are simplistic. The point of a slide is to guide the audience to an understanding, to give them the abstract ideas. Also, the fact that you can use pictures makes it an effective tool for business and educational settings. 


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