hw for 4/22

blog: 1) Briefly note the aesthetics of the Dan and Terry video – how would you describe the men, setting, overall aesthetic in a sentence or two?

The setting is very intimate, but yet raw at the same time. The way they are able to speak to the camera adds humanity to their stories in which a lot of people in this country and around the world are disconnected.

2) Do you think Muller’s critique of the video is effective, why/why not (provide SPECIFIC EVIDENCE to support your point)?

I do think Muller’s critique of the online “It Gets Better” video is valid because while it can offer critical advice to people in need, it is still within the larger social construct. Such a construct upholds pervasive homophobia. Muller states, “The virtual community of the It Gets Better project cannot be viewed as an autonomous safe haven, untouchable by the violent aspects of the ‘real’ world, because virtual and physical realities are forever impacting each other” (Muller 273). The Internet is simply an extension of the people who use it, the same people who are active in the real world.

3) How does Gotto think YouTube differs from other modes of filmic representation?

Gotto thinks that because YouTube creates what he calls a “public sphere”, it is extremely personalized. Furthermore, YouTube offers a great range of documentaries from people all over the world. The project “Life in a Day” is great example of how to bridge peoples’ stories together and create a community of online video material.




One thought on “hw for 4/22

  1. katherinehauser

    overall good! It would be helpful to add a few words to explain what you mean by “intimate” and “raw” (to help support your point). Also note that archiving issues related to YT: 3.


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